A downloadable pile of shit

ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL. Well not really. It's a platformer game where you play as poop and if you touch the walls, they get covered in poop and you leave a trail of poop when you move or jump. It's pretty good. Download the .exe file for the FULL effect of lag-less poopy action. This game doesn't have anything to do with Super MEAT Boy I swear. pls dont sue me. Also the music was totally not stolen from youtube. All sound effects were created by me.

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Published1 year ago
AuthorMitchell Falk
TagsPlatformer, poop
Player countSingleplayer

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You just click that handy little "Download now" button. Don't hurt yourself.


SuperPoopBoy (2 MB)


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"Its kind of a demo thing." Everything you make is a "demo" you unaccomplished piece of Arabian shit. :p