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Pokémon is a media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese consortium between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. While the franchise copyright is shared by all three companies, Nintendo is the sole owner of the trademark. Don't sue me.

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Published87 days ago
AuthorMitchell Falk
Tagsdepression, meme, suicide
Player countSingleplayer


pokman.exe (453 kB)
pokman.zip (380 kB)


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pkemon, gtta ctch 'em a

lizt yu and m

ey konw i'tz mi destin

ipokemn, oh, yu'r mi bst freindin a wrld w msut defend

pokemon, gtta ctch 'em a

la hart so ture

uor cuorga wil pul uz throgh

yo tach m and i'l tach yu

pkmn, gtta ctch 'em a

lgott ctch 'em al



is this sexual harassment? how dare you?


no mtchel itz beuatiul dstni


ok <3


graet gam mtchel i rali lked it yu ned tu nref teh chrmnder bsoz i'tz op liek i cn't eevn baet it tu oevr pwered how du yu eevn

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Hello Renjamin,

We thank you for your feedback. After plenty of consideration, we have decided against your suggestion of nerfing the character Carmander. Please contact us after you g3t gud and we would be happy to help fix balance issues in the future.


luk mtchel i dnt car abut gttng gud bceasu i alred iz. myab yu ned tu get gud at mkaign gmaz


pls dont talk to me or my game ever again. i will ban u. my dad works at nitenedo